Bank Employment Proposal

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A bank employment proposal is given to a bank authority requesting for employment in the bank. It must logically enshrine the credentials, skills and training received in banking and finance management for the employers to take speedy decision about the candidate. It must also entrap the dynamicity of the candidate to handle various bank jobs with equal commitment.

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Sample Bank Employment Proposal

Bank Employment Proposal

Download Bank Employment Proposal

Name of the candidate: Laura Bronze

Gender: Female

Contact number: 31928289

Proposal given for the post of: Desk clerk

Description of the proposal: The work of a cashier involves multiple tasks ranging from making and receiving payments in cash or card, forming connections with customers and clients to issuing loans, funds and cheques. Thus it is a job based on huge talent and experience requiring the candidate to be nimble, witty and friendly at the same time.

Objective: As a student of finance, I would like to start my career with the job of a cashier and master the field completely so that getting a higher post in the same field becomes easy and affordable.


  • I have done graduation in commerce in the year 2009 acquiring more than average marks overall.
  • For masters, I continued with the subject and went on to achieve Student Welfare Scholarship for pursuing higher studies in 2011.
  • I have also done a diploma course in finance management from Amity University in 2011.

Practical experience:

  • Internship from Finance Axis Bank from 4th September, 2011 to 4th October, 2011
  • Internship from Support Finance Bank from 14th October, 2011 to 15th December, 2011
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