Criminal Justice Research Proposal

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Criminal Justice research proposal document is presented enumerating the insight research work on a particular crime, its remedies for making a safer community etc. Hence, such kind of proposal should be framed efficiently so that the prerequisites needed for completion of the research work could be achieved from the intended audience.

Sample Criminal Justice Research Proposal

Proposal for a Forensic Laboratory Required for Pursuing the Research Work on Criminal and Justice Research work

Proposal presented by: Alberto Scholfield and Team

Research Scientist- National Institute for Criminal Research and Justice

Proposal Submitted on: 12th June 2011

Executive Summary:

National Institute for Criminal Research and Justice is an agency responsible for developing effective research work on Criminal Justice. All the research work is performed with thorough investigation and on evidence-based knowledge. Thus, the agency solicits proposal to inform its search for the provision of forensic laboratory to guide efficient research work.

Through this solicitation, the agency also seeks for evaluating various criminal behavioral changes and its effect on the society.

Plan for the research work:

The research work would mainly emphasize on the following topics

  • Present Judicial System
  • Process and proceedings of the courts, prosecution and defense
  • Violation caused and victimization occurred due to the criminal activities
  • Further understanding on alcohol, drug and other addiction
  • Thorough analysis of the international crime and its effect on the nation.

Total cost estimated for the research work: $25000

Time-period for the research work: Maximum of 14 months

Last date of proposal acceptance: 22nd June 2011

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