Event Proposal Letter

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An event proposal letter is a letter, which outlines the planning that will go into successfully organizing an event. An event management company can present it to another company seeking approval for organizing their events. An event proposal letter must be convincingly and clearly written as it forms the basis on which the responsibility for the event may be granted to the applicant.

Sample Event Proposal Letter

John Monroe

Head of the Department of English

Jackson University

123 Square Street

New Jersey

Date: 6th June, 2011

Subject: Application for organizing department reunion

Respected sir,

We, The Event Management Company Pvt. Ltd., offer our services for the upcoming departmental reunion in your esteemed university. This letter shall proceed to outline our skills and areas of strength in organizing large scale events that are remembered for years afterwards. We have worked with many universities around the country apart from other institutions and organizations in arranging their large scale events at a reasonable cost. Our experience uniquely equips with the skills needed to handle the challenges of such event organization.

We will arrange for entertainment, food and beverage for the event. We offer various packages [see attached document] which come at reasonable rates. We would welcome your insight as well. If you provide us with the basic data, like number of guests, theme etc., we can build on from there. Our fees for organizing departmental reunions begin at $1000

We hope to hear from you soon. Thanking you,

Jason McNally

The Event Management Company Pvt. Ltd.

New Jersey


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