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A free product proposal is a document that entails detailed proposals for the successful launching and marketing of free products. Since the proposals are intended to crunch a profitable business deal, they must be written intelligently so as to influence and inform the dealers about the product’s positives and negatives, its target customers, the marketing strategies that are to be adopted and the advertisement guidelines that ought to be followed.

Sample Free Product Proposal

Free Product Proposal for Hand Sanitizers

Proposal presented by: Cleansewell Company.

Proposal presented to: Hygiene Products Dealers and Distributors.

Date of submission of proposal: March 15, 2012.

Product concerned: Cleanwash Hand Sanitizers.

Product description: The Cleanwash hand sanitizers manufactured by Cleansewell Company are slated for release this summer on April 23, 2012. The sanitizers are supposed to be the latest development in the hygiene product industries. Challenging the market of the hand wash or soap solutions, the hand sanitizers offer an alternative cleansing in situations when even water or soap remains unavailable. The products are packaged in small portable bottles that can well be pocketed and carried wherever one goes. The sanitizers also come in a host of refreshing fragrances that creates an aesthetic impact while killing bacteria.

Company History: Cleansewell company was established in the year 1990 and has been one of the leading manufacturers of hygiene products ever since.

Product Information:

  • The free products to be circulated for sample test would have a net content weight of 50ml.
  • The products are suggested to be sold free along with any hygiene products like soap paper, soap solutions or antiseptic products.

Duration: The free products are to be circulated for a period of six months. The duration is subjected to be extended depending on the response it generates.


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