Product Photography Proposal

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The product photography proposal is done when a company hires professional photographers for the purpose of taking photographs of a particular product. The proposal contains the different approaches that the photographer will take according to the requirements of the company. There will be a lot of factors that need to be kept in mind when taking the photograph. Angle, lighting, setting etc are all very important elements that need to be approved of by the company before the photographer can go along with the whole photo shoot. Hence, this proposal contains a detailed description of how the whole process will be executed.

Sample Product Photography Proposal

Name of Product: Android Phone.

Company name: XTYK Ltd. Co.

Name of Photographer/ Photography Company: Antoine Rivers, Galaxy Studios.

Date: 31.2.2012

Product Photography Proposal Summary:

Objective: To capture a full bill board advertisement picture of the Android phone by XTYTK Ltd. Co.

Time period provided: 3 days.

Company Requirements:

  • Focus needs to be solely on the product.
  • No clutter in the photograph.
  • Should have company logo as well as the catch phrase in bold.

Photography Proposal:

  • The photograph will be taken with young models within the 20-24 age groups in order to appeal to the target market.
  • Two segregations will be made; one segregation will have the users and the other will focus solely on the phone and the company details.
  • No extra background used except a university or college background for the models.
  • Budget required for the entire project: $45,000.


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