Sales Proposal Cover Letter

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A Sales proposal cover letter is written by the organization offering the various products to their clients for their consideration. This Sales proposal cover letter offers all the details about the product to the client. The proposal cover letter must be written in formal tone and in most precise manner to make things clear for the customer. It must contain all the authentic details about the organization and its products, so that the proposal must bring back the positive outcome and avoid all sorts of uncertainty.

Sample Sales Proposal Cover Letter:


Mr. Martin Johns,

General Manager,

HTS Group of Hotels

Dear Mr. Johns,

We are hereby writing this letter to submit the product details of our company for inspection.  The product can help the HTS hotels choose the electronic range of products for their hotel as it is undergoing the renovation process. To tell you briefly about our company we are a leading manufacturer of electronic goods and we have been working in this industry for last 24 years.

We have supplied products to various organization and institutes. We have a wide range of products. We are convinced that our high quality products with exclusive touch in the design will add a lot of exquisiteness and worth to your admired and well renowned hotel.  You can select the product as per your requirement and we will assist you in the rest of the process.

Please find attached the details and the product catalogue along with this letter.

We hope to get the positive response from your end.

Peter Thomas

Head – Sales Department

Hamilton Electronics Ltd

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