Program Training Proposal

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A program training proposal is written in order to plan/design any training program for the specific need. It could be a training program required by an institute, organization or any government body. This is a very well designed formal document which explains all the details about that training. It also clearly talks about the aim and objective of that training and what would be the impact or the result of that training program. It has a subjective tone and it carries all the details about the time and expenditure of that training.

Sample Program Training Proposal:

Company for which the program training proposal is written: Yard Mining Group, Yard, Cleveland

Date of submission of program training proposal: 11th July 2011

Program training proposal presented by: Big Brains Pvt. Ltd.

About the program training proposal:

This proposal is presented to Yard Mining Group for conducting a 15days training program for their workers. These workers are mining workers who are usually uneducated and comes from a poverty prevailing background. This training aims at educating them about the mining risks and how to avoid them. They will also be given some lessons on enhancing their employability.

Program training proposal Strategies:

  • It will be a fifteen days of training program which will be conducted by the team of 5 trainers. At a time this program will train 200 workers.
  • This will be a mining risk awareness program along with wage employment enhancement for adult workers who are uneducated and are willing to do manual work.
  • The trainees will get a certificate after completion 15 days of training program.

Thanking You.

Peter J.

Big Brains Pvt. Ltd.

pan>The partnering institution ABC enterprises will provide the vendors or subcontractors with all the required draughtsman equipment.

  • The proposed hourly wage rate is $12 per hour and this has been found to be as per the industry benchmark.
  • Capital expenditure worth $120,000 is also needed and the expendable material to be acquired is enough for requirements set forth in the proposal.
  • Domestic travel may be required on need basis for 2 resources per month at a minimum.
  • Thanking you – Aston Judd

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