Real Estate Project Proposal

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A real estate project proposal is a document which highlights the salient points of a real estate project. It takes into consideration all the major factors that will play a key role in the real estate project development like budget, kind of real estate, purpose etc. it must be written well in a concise yet comprehensive manner.

Sample Real Estate Project Proposal

Name of real estate project: Green Heights Complex

Location: Maple Cove, 5 miles from New York

Project conceptualized and sponsored by: The Greenfields Group

Date of submission of proposal: 2nd March 2010


  • This project involves the development of an apartment complex consisting of ten apartment blocks for purely residential purposes.
  • The flats will cater to two types of income groups, both high income group (HIG) and mid income group (MIG).
  • Booking starts from January 2012.
  • Construction of the apartment complex has started. It is likely to finish by December 2011.
  • The apartment complex will cover an area of 30 acres.
  • It will have a swimming pool, a gym and a sports centre and also a club for members.
  • It will have a green cover of approximately 15 acres, with maple trees being the chief flora of the region.
  • Prices of MIG apartments start from $3000000
  • The money can be paid using a system of installments. More details will be provided during the talks with customers.
  • All requisite permissions have been acquired from the state authorities.

For more information contact: 28784784

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