Restaurant Development Proposal

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A restaurant development proposal is a document which provides complete details about the project related to the further development of the restaurant. The proposal provides details such as the purpose of restaurant development proposal, time frame, financial details, future plans etc. The proposal has to be written in an organized manner by specifying the name and designation of the person who is offering the proposal apart from the date, address etc of the proposal company.

Sample Restaurant Development Proposal

Name of the restaurant:  Baker’s Restaurant Kitchen

Address: 29th lane, Silent Road, New Jersey

Restaurant Development Proposal prepared on 1st December 2012

Proposal prepared by: Melvin K

Head of the Research and Development department

Baker’s Kitchen Restaurant

Proposal submitted on: 29th December, 2012

Proposal signed and approved by: Joans Bros

Managing Director

Baker’s Kitchen Restaurant

Purpose: The main purpose of framing this restaurant development proposal is to focus on the specific requirements for the location, layouts and expenses incurring for the ensuing restaurant development proposal. This will also have planning and designing of the restaurant in such a way to attract the customers and also a smooth flow of movement within the restaurant.

The floorings, walls and paintings will be taken into consideration. Latest innovative antiques to be displayed, to enhance the look of the restaurant will also be considered in the proposal. Every items required in the restaurant should be listed out so as to avoid any untoward problems.

Details of Restaurant Development Proposal

  • The development discussion will be effectively valid for about 3 months from the time of submission that from 29th December 2012.
  • The modules that will be discussed will cover the management proposals, development methodology, cost of construction and the terms and conditions.
  • The discussion will be proposed to target the customers, their requirements and various needs of the customers have to be taken care of.
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