Restaurant Business Proposal

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Inorder to operate a successful restaurant business or for implementing new plans related to it one should draft a restaurant business proposal which would have the ability to motivate the targeted clients and potential customers.

Sample Restaurant Business Proposal

Name of the restaurant: BAR-B- QUE Restaurant cum bars

Summary: It has been 6years of journey with trusted people around us. Through years, we have learned may new things in various areas like quality, food, beverages etc. Even we have developed valuable relationship with our customers. Our efforts are being appreciated and due to high demands, we have planned to set up new branches at different places of the city.

Plan of action:

  • New potential employees would be appointed for handling various tasks in newly operated branches.
  • Newly operated branches each would provide any special cuisines to the customers.
  • Newly operated ones would not have bars until it is getting good customer response.

Enhance practices:

Apart from operating several other new branches of the restaurant, authority decided to improve the quality of the existing one simultaneously. Mongolian and French cuisine will be introduced and the variety will increase based on customer’s response.

Estimated cost: $45,000 is the approximate cost for the entire new proposal.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 25th July 2011

Intended clients: Clients who want to invest for this new proposal and want to get into the advisory committee of the restaurant’s business are requested to contact with the undersigned immediately.

Jennifer Lewis

Clientele base management-Head

Contact number: 9890078990


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