Restaurant Proposal Letter

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The restaurant proposal letter is created for the purpose of providing a brief summarized account of opening up a new restaurant. This can be sent to the bank or proper restaurant management authorities or even to the concerned government bodies depending on the need. Hence, it is important to organize the letter carefully and chalk out all the necessary details. The more professionally the letter is constructed, the more the chances of it being approved. The restaurant proposal letter must not be long but should carry essential points to put across the message.

Sample Restaurant Proposal Letter:



Mr. Andrew Sacks

Royal Bank of New York,

44, Green Street,

New York, New York-2345

Sub: Proposal plan for a new restaurant and request for funds.

Dear Mr. Sacks,

I have been the Head Chef for T & T Cooks for 11 years and have acquired my training from the French Gastronomy School in Paris for 5 years prior to that. Needless to say, I am very passionate about food and would like to open up a restaurant.

I have a clear idea of how I want my restaurant to be like. It will be serving French cuisine mainly but along with it I will hire chefs of other cuisine such as Italian and Chinese so as to bring about more variety. The restaurant will be for families who will enjoy the high end cuisines at a very affordable price.  I have attached with this letter the blueprint for my restaurant. The approximate amount of loan required for this set-up is $100,000.

I hope to gain approval for the funds needed and meet you soon for further discussion.


Chef Jackson Randy.


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