Product Proposal Letter

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A product proposal letter is one in which a company or business firm advertises about their product, and tries to capture its sellers, before launching it in market. It is the means of proposing or presenting their product to the sellers and highlighting its facts, profit rates and other related information. The style of the letter must be formal, but the tone must be convincing and persuading.

Sample Product Proposal Letter:


Mr. Marcus Castro,

Marketing Manager,

DKB Store.

Subject: Product Proposal Letter


Our company is planning to launch its latest alcoholic drink ‘Chillax’ by the end of the next month. Evaluating your stores past sales record of our product, we feel that your shop has the potential for further profits. We therefore request you to be the seller of our latest product, by which you can earn up to 50 to 200 percent net profit per bottle. It is an alcoholic beverage and comes in three different flavors; orange, lime and cranberry. It is mainly meant for women and young boys and girls as the alcohol percentage is quite less. The cost is $ 5 for each bottle.

I enclose herewith a copy of the detailed description of the product and an outline of the sales plan for your kind perusal. I hope this product will interest you, and you would like to be the seller of it. Our company has decided to give an additional bonus to the first five stores, who accept the proposal. I hope to receive a letter of confirmation from you soon.

Thanking you,

Mr. Robert Perry,

General Manager,

Southley Drinks Pvt. Ltd.

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