Real Estate Financing Proposal

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A real estate financing proposal is a document presented in order to get loans and grants for buying real estate properties. Real estate includes land or any building structure on top of it which is bought by one either through his own money or by taking a loan from a financing company. Most people have to approach financing companies because the cost of real estate is a huge amount and the buyer and the financing company enter an agreement if the latter is convinced by the proposal. The real estate financing proposal must include details of the property, the amount required, payment terms, rate of interest and how the amount will be returned.

Sample Real Estate Financing Proposal:

Name of presenter: Andrew Aimes

Address: 32 Rio Mills Road, Oakland

Proposal prepared on: February 12, 2012

Proposal submitted to: Hawkings Financing Services

Proposal submitted on: February 14, 2012

Address of property: 21 Michigan Avenue, Oakland

Proposal name: Seeking financing for affordable housing

Purpose: The primary purpose of creating this proposal is to show the community’s need for affordable housing and how the financing will help achieve that purpose

Details of Real Estate Financing Proposal:

  • The developer of this real estate property is working in conjunction with a non-profit organisation and has 8 years’ experience in real estate development
  • Once the project is complete, it will provide affordable housing to all the people who were affected by the Hurricane Eloise in 2011
  • A low-interest bearing loan will help us to keep the prices of the houses low

Project budget: $100,000

Funds requested: $70,000

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