Real Estate Management Proposal

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A real estate management proposal is a document created by a real estate agency where it presents the plan of action and measures it will follow to manage a real estate property like a house, apartment or office. The proposal must mention the details of the property like its location, size etc. besides giving the name and contact details of the owner. Other important details to be included in the proposal are the duration of the term during which the management firm will offer its services and also the fee it will charge for those services. The proposal must also include the responsibilities of the management firm and formulate a budget necessary to meet the operating and capital needs.

Sample Real Estate Management Proposal:

Name of management firm: Vintage Realty Management

Address: 920 Morrow Lane, Ohio

Name of property: Sunrise Apartments

Address: 292 Romeria Lane, Ohio

Name of owner: Ryan Seashells

Address: 821 Jason Avenue, Ohio

Proposal prepared on: February 29, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Ron James

Agent, Vintage Realty Management

Proposal submitted on: March 1, 2012

Proposal name: Proposal to manage real estate property

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is present a strategy which will showcase how this firm plans to manage the property mentioned above

Other details of Real Estate Management Proposal:

  • The proposal term refers to a period of two years commencing from the date an agreement is created between the two parties
  • The management fee shall consist of 6% of the gross monthly revenues
  • The management firm shall provide active leasing programs, maintenance services and employ caretakers
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