Real Estate Proposal Letter

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A real estate proposal letter is a document which proposes plans for a real estate development project to an interested party. It must be framed by the person or organization interested in setting up the real estate project and it must be written in a tone appropriate to a business letter. The parameters of the project must be defined and elucidated for the benefit of all concerned. A real estate proposal letter must be brisk, crisp and professional. The letter must conform to the established models of writing such letters and it should be to the point. Such a letter must be of a certain standard.

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Sample Real Estate Proposal Letter:

Real Estate Proposal Letter

Download Real Estate Proposal Letter


Robert Maddox

General Manager

Sun Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Real Estate Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that we have submitted our response to your tender [number 34745] regarding the construction of our new office complex on two acres of land off 56th Highway and 57th State road. Our complete proposal for the real estate project is attached with this proposal letter. Kindly peruse the same and let us know your response. Our project, if accepted, shall commence from June 2011 after three rounds of discussions and presentations with members of your staff. It shall be completed in June 2013. The project will involve the construction of thirteen new office blocks, a gymnasium, a bar-cum-lounge and the like.

Please peruse our proposals and we hope that you will be open to establishing a fruitful working relationship with us. This will be a productive relationship and will involve the merging of two respected business enterprises.

Thanking you,

Samuel Daniel

Marketing manager

Estate Properties,

New York


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