Research Proposal Letter

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A research proposal letter is a document which is written by a prospective researcher or research team to a funding agency, or to agencies that will, in any way, affect the progress and outcome of the research. It must be well written as decisions will be taken based on the research proposal letter. More importantly, the purpose and scope of the research must be clearly explained in such a letter.

Sample Research Proposal Letter


The Chairman of the Silicon Scholarship Managing Trust

New York

Subject: Research proposal letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is a humble request for you to consider my research proposal as worthy of a scholarship under section 54[A] of your prospectus [issued 2011]. I am currently pursuing my M.Litt. from the University of Reading in English Literature with the English Renaissance as my area of specialization. I would like to pursue my doctoral studies from the University of Oxford in the field of Early Modern Women. My research shall be on whether there was ever a renaissance for women in England as it combines two of my favorite areas of study, Renaissance and Feminism.

I am hoping to be considered for a full scholarship which will enable me to pay my college tuition fees as well as account for my living costs at Oxford. I am a diligent and meritorious student with excellent academic credentials. My area of research is unique and I believe it will make a lasting contribution to the field of English Renaissance studies.

Thanking you,

Sienna Jones,

University of Reading

United Kingdom.

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