Restaurant Business Plan Proposal

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Every restaurant needs to do proper planning and strategizing of its activities so as to do well and attract more customers. For this, most restaurants prepare what is known as a restaurant business plan proposal.

A restaurant business plan proposal is a written plan framed by a business executive to increase or improve business and thereby earn more profit. These plans may be either associated with proper marketing or improving of food quality or services. You can refer to the following sample if you are looking for one such restaurant business plan proposal.

Sample Restaurant Business Plan Proposal:

Name of restaurant: Sarah Kitchen

Address of the restaurant: 123, ABC tower, DFG Street, Birmingham

Contact number of restaurant: 479357505, 473057095

Proposal presented by: Mark Anthony

Restaurant manager, Sarah Kitchen

Proposal presented to: Sarah Pascal, Owner, Sarah kitchen

Proposal presented on: 13th July 2014

Proposal approved on: 15th July 2014

Restaurant business plan:

Our restaurant needs to improve not only its customer service but also its food and drink quality to give competition to other restaurants in the area and to win and retain customers. The customer retain rate has been low in the past couple of years and to improve it, we need to focus on better food quality and increased menu variety.

Details of the plan:                     

  • The restaurant needs to add more dishes and drinks to its menu and for this; we need to perform a slight research about popular dishes.
  • We need to give better training to our staff members and change their uniform within the next 1 month.
  • The restaurant needs to use the most fresh products and vegetables to cook meals and eliminate any fruit, vegetable or non-vegetarian item that has not been bought within the last 3 days.
  • We must focus on quicker and more efficient services and thus need to hire atleast 3 more waiters.
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