Tender Proposal Letter

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A tender proposal letter is a legal document containing the body of a business proposal. Tender proposals should be diplomatically devised so as to make the offer profitable for the business firm putting the demand. The details of the company’s earlier business performances and record of their meeting deadlines must be given in the letter to lubricate the firm’s decision.

Sample Tender Proposal Letter


George Hull,


Hull Cold Storage

Subject: Tender Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

I hereby propose to take up the contract of the El Dorado Project declared by your company. Since your company wants to build a cold storage system at the concerned site in short time, I take the responsibility of accomplishing the project within the deadline assigned. We are in this business since the last 10 years and on the basis of the experiences gained over the years, I can assure you that the project would be completed successfully without compromising on the quality or excellence of the task.

The last project taken up by my company was the Highland Park Project which was an instant hit with the architects, builders, businessmen, retailers and everyone in general because of its lavish detailing and space utilization. The shopping mall was constructed with the international standards in mind and the project was dutifully established on time. Such a massive project entailed huge labor cost but we leveled it with ordinary projects by virtue of our contacts and goodwill. The estimated valuation of the proposed work has been provided in annexure 2.

Thanking you,

John Wilson

Wilson Builders and Decorators

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