Workshop Proposal Letter

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A workshop proposal letter is a document which outlines the proposal made by an individual or institution to conduct a workshop in a particular organization. It must include the outline of the workshop, the targeted audience, the fees, and other requirements. The tone of the letter should be formal and convincing, stressing the importance and benefit of the workshop.

Training Workshop Proposal Template

Training Workshop Proposal Template

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Sample Workshop Proposal Letter:



Philip Bates,

Chief Marketing Director,                                                                Date: 9th June 2011

British Council, London.

Subject: Workshop Proposal Letter


On behalf of the Central School of Speech and Drama, London, I, Professor Mark Kane, would like to conduct a workshop in your prestigious institution on ‘Shakespeare in Performance’. It will be open to all, for people above 18 years of age, who have some knowledge and take interest in Shakespeare’s plays. Mainly it is intended for students at the undergraduate and post graduate levels.

The course fee of the workshop will be $ 100 for three days, which would include all workshop materials. In this workshop students will learn the alteration and differentiation in meaning in Shakespeare in reading and Shakespeare in performance. It will also take an in depth look at different Shakespeare plays. Students will be taught above characters, style, themes, motives and how they alter while performing the plays. The first day will be a general overview on Shakespeare’s plays and the basics of acting, on the second and third day, the workshop will delve deep into some dramas and act out a few scenes as well.

I hope this workshop will benefit the members of your institution and enable them to appreciate Shakespeare in a novel way. I enclose herewith an outline of the workshop for your kind perusal. An early reply would be much appreciated.

Thanking you,

Mark Kane,

Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

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